Style 077: I cant stop Think you !

13 Temmuz 2017 Perşembe

Dress: [[ Masoom ]] Marina gown ||COSMOPOLİTAN|| 

Shoes: AsHmOoT_S/S CoLL_Open HeeL 

Hair: rezology Butterfly 192 (mesh hair)

Make Up: ALMA MAKEUP - Moon & Sun ||ScalaYinYang||

Lashes: MiChan Weekend Lashes 

Blush: Zombie Suicide Summer Blush ||Midsummer||

Style 076: B/W series Vol2

12 Temmuz 2017 Çarşamba

Dress: Eyelure Ultra Mini & Pink Stripe

Shoe: *S0H0E Shoes* ||Twel12ve||

Hair: A&A Guilia Hair Greyscale Colors

Eye Make Up: Huntitem-ND/MD Eye makeup GREEN Huds (Omega+Catwa)

Lipstick: .:IM:. Foil Lipstick Pallet ||Hashtag Anniversary||

Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Sunshine Choker Gold ||TheKawaiiProject ||

Style 075: B/W Series Vol1

Bikini: +MB+ Natasha Lingerie {Maitreya}

Tattoo: [ATI] Dreamer ||TWE12VE||

Hair: A&A Galaxia Hair Greyscale Colors

Eyes Make up: Huntitem-ND/MD Eye makeup GREEN Huds (Omega+Catwa) 

Skin: {AIMI}  Almond Skin Appliers

Style 074: My Pretty Pet

9 Temmuz 2017 Pazar

Top: ADANA top ||HashSummer||

Sandals: [LG] Lyna Flatties ||HashSummer||

Skirt: ::LiES:: Lara Mini Skirt w.HUD

Tattoo: [[ATI]] Magical Circus ||Applique||

Hair: A&A Fae Hair Unicorn Colors

Glasses: 'Rainbow' Aviators from Tahoma / HuntGift in80 Days

Lashes Set: MICHAN - Maddie Set / Set Have Lashes with Moles and Brows For Catwa Head ||L'elite||

Belly Jewel: .::Supernatural::. Sunny Belly Chain ||AnyBody||

Chocolate: Arcadia - CCPretzels /BENTO 

Phone With Pet: [Frimon Store] #Women 42 ||EvilBunny||

Background: EARTHWORX- Lovers Pond 

Style 073: Lady Unicorn

7 Temmuz 2017 Cuma

Dress Set:  .SALT - LOREDANA DRESS & HEELS (WithHud)

Hair: A&A Rini Hair Unicorn Colors 

Necklace: *elise* - Jewelry - Chibi (Wear)

Earing: #187# Ear Cuffs Angel Wings Gold BOX ||TCF||

Make Up: +QutWorld BodyArt+ Summer Dream

Leg Tattoo: [ATI] Koi Love ||Elite||

Style 072: Still Same For u!

Outfit: [[ Masoom ]] Juliana Suit- ||TFC||

Shoes: Zombie Suicide : Erica Heels ||AnyBody||

Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Pam [Gold] ||TFC||

Hair: [NYNE] 'Barcelona' Hair - ||RossEvent||

Glasses: . Or . Data Glasses 

Style 071: PrettyLove

Dress: #LANA-The Lorin Dress - 

Boots: {Avie} Ivy Strap Heels 

Cape: +MB+ Butterfly Cape ||SuicideDoll||

Hair: rezology Blunted Braid (mesh hair)

Lips:[KULA] BFF Smoothie Balm ||HashSummer||

Lashes:MICHAN - Sera Lashes ||AnyBody||

Pose: :Kposes: ||Darkness||