Style 202:I Know ! Still You Need Me !

30 Kasım 2017 Perşembe

Outfit: .Queenz. High Class FATPACK 

[Belleza,Hourglass,Maitreya,eBody] NEW!!!

Leg Chain: *PerveTTe* Lovely [Leg Chain] ||4mesh|| NEW!!!

Lipstick: Opulein - velvet 

Glasses: [IK] Airplane Sunglasses 

Hair:rezology Lioness (mesh hair) NEW!!!

Pose: Imitation - Sabi 

Style 201:Come ! Kiss Me !

29 Kasım 2017 Çarşamba

Outfit: Vague, Peekaboo 

Boot: [NyDesign] Black Delights

Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Claire Necklace ||TheTrunkShow|| NEW!!!

Choker: +MB+ London Collar NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Cuddle (mesh hair)

Background: : KPoses Backdrop Come...Kiss me : /With 4 poses NEW!!!

Style 200: Keep Calm And Listen !

28 Kasım 2017 Salı

Outfit: .Queenz. Get It FATPACK [Belleza,Hourglass,Maitreya,eBody] NEW!!!

Sneaker: Parker : James . Chucks RED

Hair: rezology Immolare (mesh hair)

Pose: --CHKI0 Poses--listen to that melody Pack / with 

headphones/cellphone ||DISTRITC23|| NEW!!!

GOOSE - single sit pallet

tarte. retro coffee table

~BAZAR~ Lounge Sofa

[sf]  beach pallet chair

Style 199: I'm Here For You ♥

27 Kasım 2017 Pazartesi

Dress: Vague. Ginger Dress

Shoe: AsHmOot_A/W Coll_HK Socks+Heels/ DrK P ||DCRoom|| NEW!!!

Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Brenda  ||Limit8|| NEW!!!

Hair:  rezology Executive Handshake (mesh hair)

Pose: --CHKI0 Poses-- Your gift is here ... NEW!!!

Style 198:Winter Song ♥

26 Kasım 2017 Pazar

Jacket: [WellMade] Nevaeh Jacket NEW!!!

Pant: [WellMade] Joy Pants NEW!!!

Choker: .::Supernatural::. Mika Choker @ ||Whimsical|| NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Sky 277 (mesh hair) NEW!!!

Eyes: DS'ELLES SNOW-8 Colors Hud for CATWA EYES 

Pose: --CHKI0 Poses--listen to that melody Pack ||DISTRITC23|| NEW!!!

Style 197: Life Out !

23 Kasım 2017 Perşembe

Tshirt: +MB+ Sasha Shirt NEW!!!

Sock: [WellMade] Zoey Stocking NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Sparks (mesh hair)

Hat: Z.O.E. Bah Humbug Beanie - Santa's Dead (RARE) NEW!!!

Choker: *PerveTTe* Autumn ||SN4|| NEW!!!

Piercing: +QutWorld BodyArt+Nose Diamond Piercing_Silver Pack +

Pose: PHAZE - Obsession Poses ||Elite|| NEW!!!

Background: [B.B]-Gamer Background- ||Elite|| NEW!!!

Style 196: Ram Pa Pa Pam ♥

22 Kasım 2017 Çarşamba

Top: F.I.O.F.O Bea Cropped Sweater NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Pigtails (mesh hair)

Nails: ::SG:: TheNet Nails. Tuty-Tonic-VISTA-MAITREYA-SLINK BENTO

Piercing: *PerveTTe* Shine Piercings 

Eyes: DS'ELLES-SNOW-8 Colors Hud for CATWA EYES ||Hashtag|| NEW!!!

Skin: DS'ELLES- -SASHA- Fatpack ||NEW!!!

Pose: WESTSIDE Iconic 5/6  NEW!!!

Style 195:Heart For You ♥

21 Kasım 2017 Salı

Outfit: [bh]bodysuit set red ||Elite|| NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Fishtail Nouveau (mesh hair)

Eyes: DS'ELLES- SNOW-8 Colors ||Hashtag|| ||NEW!!!

Pose: : KPoses - My heart is yours : NEW!!!

Bed: Maya's - Pouf Vintage

Decoration: Maya's Design

194:Live Your Life ♥

20 Kasım 2017 Pazartesi

Outfit: Vague. Static  - Olive - / FATPACK ||Anybody|| NEW!!!

Necklace: *PerveTTe* Sweet Cross [Set] ||TheCoven|| NEW!!!

Hair: Love [Blank Space] ||District20|| NEW!!!

Lashes:  Michan - Bomi Lashes ||GG||

Pose: PHAZE-Obsession ||Elite|| NEW!!!

Style 193: Summer Selfie ♥

19 Kasım 2017 Pazar

Bodysuit: Love [Long Sleeve ]  Watercolor 2 /  ||Limit8|| NEW!!!

Nails: ::SG:: Pleasure Nails. Tuty-Tonic-VISTA-MAITREYA-SLINK BENTO

Glasses: NS::  Chic Sunglasses ||Hashtag|| NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Phoenix (mesh hair)

Pose: [B.B]-Moment To photo- ||Hashtag|| NEW!!!

Background: RAMA #Selfie Stone Slices 

Style 192: I Listen You !

Outfit: Vague. Exposed ||Elite|| NEW!!!

Hair: F.I.O.F.O Emmy Hair NEW!!!

Lipstick: Opulein -  ||hashtag|NEW!!!

Rings: Kibitz Rae copper 

Pose: Expressive bento poses Wall NEW!!!

Style 191: ♥ Book + Coffe + Quietness ♥

18 Kasım 2017 Cumartesi

Outfit: .Queenz. Keep Watching FATPACK 



Choker:+MB+ Chain Choker {Fatpack} ||SuicideDollz|| NEW!!!

Glasses: [UMEBOSHI] Castor glasses -White-

Hair: rezology Vixen (mesh hair) NEW!!!

Pose: CRYSTAL POSES- Book/Coffe / ||Hashtag|| NEW!!!

Background: Maya's Design 

Style 190: Daddy's Girl ♥

17 Kasım 2017 Cuma

Lingerie: [WellMade] Gabriela NEW!!!

Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Morgana   ||Fantasy Gacha Carnival|| 


Nails: ::SG:: Shadow Nails. Tuty-Tonic-VISTA-MAITREYA-SLINK BENTO

Eyes: Michan Arisu 

Make Up: Opulein - Emma Make Up ||Hashtag|| NEW!!!

TaTToo: [ATI] Juels ||Elite|| NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Pulled Back Perfection (mesh hair)

Pose: WESTSIDE. Daddys Girl ||Elite|| NEW!!!

Style 189: I'm Ready For You !

16 Kasım 2017 Perşembe

Outfit: [NyDesign] Whild Thing Outfit - HUD Driven (Fatpack) 

||Elite|| NEW!!!

Watch: ZENDRA::: Boho Wristwatch

Hair: rezology Sublime Siren (mesh hair)

Pose: [NW] Ivy Park Backdrop + Poses ||Elite|| NEW!!!

Style 188: Mask Women !

Suit: ~forever true  Minimalistic Bodysuit (FATPACK) ||Elite|| 


Necklace:.::Supernatural::. Xanthe Necklace ||The Coven|| NEW!!!

Anklet: .::Supernatural::. Angie Anklets  

TaTToo: [ATI] Zyra ||SuicideDollz|| NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Cleopatra (mesh hair) NEW!!!

Lipstick: Opulein- Velvet ||Hashtag|| NEW!!!

Armchair: Kposes - Masked Women /

Four poses balls and mask included ||XXX|| NEW!!!

Background: Kposes 

Style 187: ♥ MeOw ♥

Styling: Love [Tech Kitty] Full Set - ||PocketGacha||  NEW!!!

* Love Kitty Cell #10

* Love Nini Kitty Top / Pink - Meow

* Love Nini Kitty Pantie / Pink

* Love Tech Kitty Mesh Hair 

* Love Tech Kitty Head Phone #18

Chooker: .::Supernatural::. Nora Red ||ROMP|| NEW!!!

Ring: Slipper - Autumn Bento Rings ||Autumn Frost Fair|| NEW!!!

Pose: Westside Iconic - Kitty Kat / Bento 

Background: Maya's Design 

Style 186: unknown feelings

14 Kasım 2017 Salı

Outfit: Cassandra Couture / BIANCA ||Hashtag|| NEW!!!

Necklace: .::Supernatural::. My Diamonds ||The Gacha Garden|| NEW!!!


||Twe12ve|| NEW!!!

Lipstick: Opulein - Velvet || Hashtag|| NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Jiggly (mesh hair) NEW!!!

Pose: KZ poses - Peekie - Female pose - Bento || ULTRA|| NEW!!!

Style 185: Why I Cant Escape From You ♥

13 Kasım 2017 Pazartesi

Styling: Love [Snow + Jersey ] NEW!!!

* Love Jersey Body Suit
* Love Snow Hat / With Text Hud 

Nail: ::SG:: Pleasure Nails. Tuty-Tonic-VISTA-MAITREYA-SLINK BENTO

Lipstick: ALMA Makeup - FALL - Catwa ||Swank|| NEW!!!

Pose: Imitation - Sabi 

Style 184: Look At My Hands If you want to know My Life !

12 Kasım 2017 Pazar

Dress: .Q. Goddess Kabelah FATPACK [Belleza,Maitreya,Hourglass,eBody] ||4mesh|| NEW!!!

TaTToo: [ATI]  Quinn ||Applique|| NEW!!! ComingNov15/

Hair: rezology Glam Slam (mesh hair)

= Rings =

Slipper - Laura Bento Rings ||4mesh|| NEW!!!

Slipper - Carys MMM Nov  NEW!!!

Slipper - Deidra MMM Nov  NEW!!!

Lipstick: ALMA Makeup - FALL - Catwa  ||Swank|| NEW!!!

Pose: WESTSIDE. Iconic VOL1  ||Elite|| NEW!!!

Style 183: Lovely Mornings ♥

10 Kasım 2017 Cuma

Top: Eyelure Off Shoulder Top/Dress  HUD Driven Fatpack NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Moonbeam (mesh hair)

TaTToo: ATI Taylor

Rings: Kibitz - Rae rings - copper

Pose: WESTSIDE. Iconic / Close Up ||Elite|| NEW!!!



junk. fan light. bronze.

Soy. Glass Fishing Float (clear)

Lounge Sofa


Style 182: My Little Love ♥

9 Kasım 2017 Perşembe

Top:+MB+ Amy Top LGBT {Fatpack} NEW!!! ♥

Pantie: +MB+ Olivia {Fatpack}

Shoe: Bijou ///  Livis NEW!!!

Earing: :[P]:- Forthe NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Sky High (mesh hair)

Lipstick: [POUT!] Velvet ||Hashtag|| NEW!!!


BENTO ||Twe12ve|| NEW!!!

Pose: Lush Poses - Your Entertainment  ||Twe12ve|| NEW!!!

Dog: JIAN :: Silly Shibes - Companion White (BOX)

style 181: I Love Coffe Times After Work ♥

Top: AsHmOoT_Ling CoLL_PinUp Corset/ B ||TDE|| NEW!!!

Pant: [WellMade] Jill Pants NEW!!!

Collar: AsHmOoT_Acc  CoLL_Lace Collar_XL ||TDE|| NEW!!!

Shoe: AsHmOoT_S/S Coll_B.S.Platform Heels/ B ||TDE|| NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Manbait (mesh hair)

Bag: AsHmOoT_Acc Coll_B.Bow Bag/ Lace [NP] ||TDE|| NEW!!!


Patio Set: :[P]:- FLF Celeste Halloween NEW!!!

* :[P]:- Celeste Chair [Full]:// Halloween
*:[P]:- Celeste Chair [Half]:// Halloween
*:[P]:- Celeste Table [Small]:// Halloween

Coffe: {.Gross Princess.} Pumpkin Spice Cutie Mug || Jerky Turkey Hunt|| NEW!!!

Style 180: Bam Bam !

7 Kasım 2017 Salı

Corset: :[P]:- Redrum Kynareth Corset ||Madpea|| NEW!!!

Pantie: [YumZ]Nekita*SavageBlack

Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Lena  ||Cosmopolitan|| NEW!!!

Arm Cuff / Gun : Tameless Deadman's Party 

Hair: rezology Executive Handshake (mesh hair)

TaTToo: [ATI] Leo Skulls 

Pose: Expressive bento poses - GUN NEW!!!