Style 253: I'm Ready ♥

31 Ocak 2018 Çarşamba

Dress: #LANA-The Rayana Dress NEW!!!

Shoes: : CULT : Cherry Shoes w.HUD NEW!!!

Bag: THIS IS WRONG Gala jewelry GACHA 

Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Scarlet ||The Seasons Story|| NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Equanimity (mesh hair) NEW!!!

Pose: Phaze Leti Set 

Style 252: Saranghae Oppa ♥ 사랑해 오빠

Bikini: IAF Silk Sports Set FATPACK ||Elite|| NEW!!!

Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Gabi ||The Kawaii Project|| NEW!!!

TaTToo: IAF Diamond Rose Tattoo ||Elite|| NEW!!!

Makeup: .ARISE. Dream Makeup ||The Chapter Four|| NEW!!!

HairAc: {Limerence} Alexandra gacha ||The Gacha Guardians|| NEW!!!

Hair: {Limerence} Alexandra gacha ||The Gacha Guardians|| NEW!!!

~ Decoration ~

Lady Roi Bag- Assorted Balloons ||Spotlight|| NEW!!!

Lady Roi Bag- Vday Balloons ||Spotlight|| NEW!!!

Lady Roi- Rose Petals Fatpack  ||Spotlight|| NEW!!!

Word: MICHAN - Last Words Gacha FATPACK || Kurenai|| NEW!!!

Style 251: My Lovely Boots ♥

30 Ocak 2018 Salı

Dress: - Safira - Ingrid ||Shiny Shabby|| NEW!!!

Boot: [Enchante'] - Christie Boots - FATPACK HUD  ||Blush||  NEW!!!

Hair: {Limerence} Alexandra GACHA ||The Gacha Guardians||NEW!!!

Headphone: [Enchante'] - Weightlessness (Heart)HUD  ||Blush|| NEW!!!

Nail: alme. Pastel Glitter Moon  ||Blush|| NEW!!!

HeadAc.: {Limerence} Alexandra HeadDress  GACHA

Style 250: No ! I Can't Share My Sushi ♥

29 Ocak 2018 Pazartesi

Outfit: * Vanilla Bae * Sally Onesie ||anyBODY|| NEW!!!

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Aiano GACHA  ||The Epiphany|| NEW!!!

Hat: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Aiano Hat RARE GACHA  ||The Epiphany|| NEW!!!

Pose: Viv.a! Just Beauty Pose


#187# Cute Sushi GACHA - || Gacha Garden || FromFeb1rst NEW!!!

*#187# Cute SUSHI - Tray Sleep RARE*

*#187# Cute SUSHI - Tray Giant RARE*

*#187# Cute SUSHI - Soja Sauce*

*#187# Cute SUSHI - Onigiri 2*

*#187# Cute SUSHI - Onigiri Avocado*

*#187# Cute SUSHI - Onigiri Salmon*

*#187# Cute SUSHI - Onigiri 1*

*#187# Cute SUSHI - Onigiri Tuna*

*#187# Cute SUSHI - Shrimp 2*

* #187# Cute SUSHI - Wasabi*

* #187# Cute SUSHI - Shrimp 1*

* #187# Cute SUSHI - Maki*

*#187# Cute SUSHI - Ikura*

*#187# Cute SUSHI - Sushi Salmon*

*#187# Cute SUSHI - Sushi Tuna*

*#187# Cute SUSHI - Tray Hug - Seed Of Inspiration*

*#187# Cute SUSHI - Bowl*

Style 249: Keep Calm And Stay Cool !

28 Ocak 2018 Pazar

Jacket: ..::Paperdoll's::.. Leather jacket NEW!!!

Pant: [I<3F] - Leggings  ||Shiny Shabby|| NEW!!!

Shoe: [Enchante'] - Clair Boots - HUD ||Sanarae || NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Mother of Dragons (mesh hair)

Brow: .LYCHEE. - Jasmine Brows Catwa [bxd] NEW!!!

Pose:WESTSIDE. Sittin' on Vogues 

Style 248: Walk Time With My Loves ♥

27 Ocak 2018 Cumartesi

Dress:N-Uno - Hailey Outfitt // FATPACK ||District 20|| NEW!!!


Hair: Love [Blank Space] NEW!!!

Glasses:[IK] Airplane Sunglasses 

Pets: * JIAN :: Silly Shibes - Companion Sable (BOX)

JIAN :: Silly Shibes - Companion White (BOX)

Pose:  PHAZE - Hurry Home Bento Pack 

Style 247: City of The Dead !

26 Ocak 2018 Cuma

Top: [I<3F] - Blouse [03] [@ShinyShabby] NEW!!!

Skirt: +MB+ Erica Skirt With Style HUD LGBT  |Suicide DollZ|| NEW!!!

Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Anita Necklace @ Cosmopolitan NEW!!!

Septum: .ARISE. Crescent Septum / Metallics || Limit8 || NEW!!!

Rings: Slipper - Cadence Rings NEW!!!

Nails: alme. x Winter Showcase NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Reckless Ripples (mesh hair) 

Skin: AG. Candice Skin - Catwa Applier 

Shape: [cg shapes] Anna - Catya NEW!!!

Eyes: AG. Luster Eyes - Fatpack

Lashes:MICHAN - Jennie Lashes [Catwa] ||Anybody|| NEW!!!

Pose: WESTSIDE. Stand Collection VOL1

Style 246: Just Need To Stay Alone !

25 Ocak 2018 Perşembe

Dress:* Vanilla Bae * Bella Dress FAT Pack NEW!!!

• Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya & Isis, Slink Hourglass 

• 3 Steps Strip on Bra part only Peekaboo Style

• 24 Color FatPack HUD or 3 Color Mini HUDs

• Materials Option


Chain: * Vanilla Bae * Bella Chain FAT Pack  ||District 20|| NEW!!!

Ring: Slipper - Cadence Rings  NEW!!!

Nails: ::SG:: Floreal *Nails. Tuty-Tonic-VISTA-MAITREYA-SLINK BENTO

Earing: MICHAN - Rini Earrings ||The Underdog|| NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Butterfly 169 (mesh hair)

Pose: IE- Dreamy 

Background:  Maya's Design

Style 245: Hero !!

He says save me, save me
She says maybe, maybe…

She starts to turn away when he says

Hate me

Break me

Let me feel as hurt as you

Push me

Crush me

But promise me you'll never let us go !!


Shape: coolbear Jaye Male Shape NEW!!!

Pose: KZ Poses Tame - Male pose - Bento NEW!!!

Style 244: I'm Lost İn Black & Red !

24 Ocak 2018 Çarşamba

Gown: -Narcisse-  Mabel - Full set inc Rare & Excl. 

 Maitreya ||Epiphany|| NEW!!!

Mask: . Or . Liu Head Art Fat Pack NEW!!!

Septum:..::Paperdoll's::.. Deer septum ||Shiny Shabby|| NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Sky 241 (mesh hair)

Skin: AG. Jordin Skin / Makeup /  - Catwa FaTPack NEW!!!

Eyes: AG. Hope Eyes Fatpack

Pose:KZ poses - Strength  - Bento NEW!!!

Style 243: Gift From My Lovely Friend ♥ Thanks Dear ♥

Top: -Safira -Akemi Top ||Anybody|| NEW!!!

Skirt: -Safira -Akemi Skirt ||Anybody|| NEW!!!

Boots: : CULT : Cute and Creepy Boots w.HUD  NEW!!!

Glasses: [Enchante'] - Hipster Glasses 

Rings: [IK] The Witching Hour Rings NEW!!!

Nails: Love [Mermaid Nails] FULL SET || Pocket Gacha || 

[Hud İn Store] NEW!!!

Dog: Foxes - Kendall - ChowChow - Held - White ♥ 

Hair: rezology Sky 257 (mesh hair) NEW!!!

Pose: WESTSIDE. Stand Collection VOL1 NEW!!!

Background: RAMA  #Selfie_RAMA Pink Palms 

Style 242: A Day, You ll Meet Me !

22 Ocak 2018 Pazartesi

Dress: #LANA // The Helena  NEW!!!

Fur: [I<3G] - Fennja Fur [@Shiny Shabby] NEW!!!

Pantie: Xxxtasi Calla Set   NEW!!!

Leg Chain: .::Supernatural::. Luthien  ||4mesh|| NEW!!!

Fingernail Rings:  Slipper - Milena  NEW!!!

Ring: .::Supernatural::. Mallory Rings || eBento|| NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Sky 249 (mesh hair) NEW!!!

Skin: AG. Jordin Skin / Makeup / Eyes - Catwa  NEW!!!

Eyeliner: AG. Jordin  / Makeup / Eyes - Catwa 

Pose: KZ poses - Waiting - Female pose - Bento NEW!!!

Style 241: Am I innocent as you see me?

21 Ocak 2018 Pazar

Top: N-Uno - Katy Sweater // Maitreya FATPACK ||N21|| NEW!!!

Short: N-Uno Katy Shorts // Maitreya FATPACK N21|| NEW!!!

Glasses: #SHOOK - Lunari Sunglasses  NEW!!!

Headphone: [Enchante'] - Steampunk 

Hair: F.I.O.F.O Sonny Hair FATPACK

Lashes: .LYCHEE. - Neveah Lashes (Catwa) NEW!!! 

Marks: .ARISE. Brawler Marks ||MenOnly|| NEW!!!

Pose: WESTSIDE. Stand Collection VOL1 ||ELITE|| NEW!!!

Style 240: Lovely Mornings ♥

20 Ocak 2018 Cumartesi

Styling: .Queenz. Queen -FATPACK- 

[Belleza,Hourglass,Maitreya,eBody] NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Butterfly 156 (mesh hair) NEW!!!

Head: Catwa head Catya

Body: Maitreya Lara 

Pose: PHAZE - Everyday Poses Vol 1 ||Elite|| NEW!!!

James's Pose: KZ poses - Time - Unisex pose - Bento NEW!!!

Background: Maya's Design

Style 239: Just You Hold Me!

19 Ocak 2018 Cuma

Top: beautiful hustler ||Elite || NEW!!!

TaTToo: Eyelure Set of Tattoos - Believe and Lotus NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Kimmie (mesh hair)

Shape : James's Own 

Body: Maitreya Lara

Pose: PHAZE - Pressure Couple Bento Pose ||Elite || NEW!!!

Background: Kposes

Style 238: Waiting You ♥

Dress: [YumZ]Aleeci* FatPack ||Elite|| NEW!!!

Boa Wrap: +MB+ Chrissy {Fatpack} NEW!!!

Hair:Sintiklia - Hair Camelia - Reds

Skin: AviGlam. Candice Skin - Catwa Applier FatPack NEW!!!

Eyes: AviGlam.  Hope Eyes - Fatpack NEW!!!

Pose: Imitation Sabi

Background: : KPoses - Backdrop Open Red : ||SWANK|| NEW!!!