Style 288: Kiki ♥

28 Şubat 2018 Çarşamba

Skin:Insol: Kiki  (CATWA) FATPACK ||UBER|| NEW!!!

Eyes:AG. Soulful Eyes Gacha - FULL SET NEW!!!

Lashes:MICHAN - Shontelle Lashes [Catwa] ||Whore Couture|| NEW!!!

Hairbase:Insol: Daisy haibase (Catwa) Kustom9  NEW!!!

Choker:MICHAN - Chaelin Choker ||Whore Couture|| NEW!!!

Hair: Rezology Mother Of Dragon v2 NEW!!!

TaTToo:Purfect Darkness Tattoo NEW!!!

Pose: WESTSIDE. Sittin' on Vogues  (Boxed HUD.) NEW!!!

Style 286: Let's Join ♥

27 Şubat 2018 Salı

Top: adorsy - Samantha Top Fatpack - 

Maitreya ||Cosmopolitan|| NEW!!!

Pant: adorsy - Samantha Leggings Fatpack - 

Maitreya ||Cosmopolitan|| NEW!!!

Sneakers:REPRESENT - Mirror Plated Hightop Sneaker "Black" 

TaTToo: Addicted To İnk  Destiny Lite ||SuicideDollz| NEW!!!

Hair: {Limerence} Jamie hair-Fatpack ||Sanarae|| NEW!!!

Skin:Insol: Nika  (CATWA) FATPACK ||Uber|| NEW!!!♥

Eyes: AG. Tender Eyes - Fatpack ||Shiny Shabby|| NEW!!!

Skates: [IK] Old School Skates NEW!!!

Pose:PHAZE-Enough Said 

Background: taikou x momento you and i gacha 

Style 285:Nika ♥

Dress:::C'est la vie !:: Loes Gacha ||SecretHideout|| NEW!!!

Drink:THIS IS WRONG Cute demon GACHA 

Hair:{Limerence} Margarita gacha

Nail: alme. Silver Winter 

Eyes:AG. Tender Eyes - Fatpack ||Shiny Shabby|| NEW!!!

Skin:Insol: Nika applier (CATWA) FATPACK ||Uber|| NEW!!!♥

Style 284: Grab The Moment ♥

26 Şubat 2018 Pazartesi

Fur Mini Vest : Adorsy- Nagia  Fatpack ||Cosmopolitan|| NEW!!!

Bustier: -Narcisse- Dakota Lace Bustier FATPACK

 ||Trunk Show|| NEW!!!

Pant:- adorsy -Nefeli Leather Pants Fatpack -  NEW!!!

Heels: Bishes İnc- Fetish ||FetishFair|| NEW!!!

Necklace: .ARISE. x ENIGMA Ama Necklace / Fatpack 

Nail: alme. x Love Kittens ||Tres Chic || NEW!!!

TaTToo: [ATI| Destiny Lite ||SuicideDollz|| NEW!!!

Hair: rezology Lush (mesh hair)

Glasses:[IK] Airplane Sunglasses Fatpack

Pose: [ATI] & Destiny ||SuicideDollz|| NEW!!!

Style 283:Princess Of The Woods ♥

25 Şubat 2018 Pazar

Dress:THIS IS WRONG Woods Demon gacha ||Suicide Dollz|| NEW!!!

Head Dress: THIS IS WRONG Woods Demon gacha  |Suicide Dollz|| NEW!!!

HeadBand: THIS IS WRONG Woods Demon gacha |Suicide Dollz|| NEW!!!

Collar: * Vanilla Bae * Pamela Collar ||Hentai Fair|| NEW!!!

Nails: ..::Paperdoll's::.. Square nails v1 || Doll House|| NEW!!!

Head: [AK Deluxe] - Rachel Bento Head NEW!!! ♥

Eyes: .ARISE. Sadie Eyes || LIMIT8|| NEW!!!

Pose: PHAZE - Leti 

Style 282: Lovely House ♥

Outfit: ::C'est la vie !:: Hedy Gacha NEW!!!

Shoe:[Enchante'] - Marcienne Boots - FATPACK HUD 

Hair:rezology Meadow (mesh hair)

Pose: Westside Stand Colletction  NEW!!!

Background: Yorkshire ||LM||

Style 281: Tonight ♥

24 Şubat 2018 Cumartesi

Gown:-Narcisse- Cora Gown & Pearls Fatpack ♥

Hand Bag:*elise* - FATPACK - Margherita

Earing:[Enchante'] - Lorelei Earrings ♥

Nails:..::Paperdoll's::.. Square nails v1

 ||Doll House|| sinceFeb28// NEW!!!

Hair:  rezology Executive Handshake (mesh hair)

Lipstick: Opulein- Velvet

Eyeliner: Alma Make Up - All Black - Catwa

Pose: Westside Stand Collection 

Style 280: My Secret Garden ♥

23 Şubat 2018 Cuma

Bodysuit: * Vanilla Bae * Pamela ||HentaiFair|| NEW!!! ♥

Skirt: +Dreamcatcher+ The fetters of love  

Hair: Love [Enchanted Kiss V.2] VIP GIFT Day #2 NEW!!! ♥

Nails: Love [Mermaid Nails] FULL SET

Pose: Serendipity: linda...

Style 279: Moments ♥

22 Şubat 2018 Perşembe

Outfit: N-Uno - Inga Outfit // FATPACK ||Whimsical|| NEW!!!

Jacket: ::GB:: Denim jacket / Black

Choker: .ARISE. x ENIGMA Val Choker Fatpack ||ULTRA|| NEW!!!

Hair: {Limerence} Kimberly hair-Fatpack ||N21|| NEW!!!

Pose:WESTSIDE. Stand Collection VOL1 ||MP|| NEW!!!

Style 278: Love Winter ♥

21 Şubat 2018 Çarşamba

Outfith: ::C'est la vie !:: Thea Cardi (FATPACK) NEW!!!

Boot: Momento . rabbit boots || kustom9 || NEW!!!

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Angelica ||TheGachaGarden|| NEW!!!

Head Dress: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Angelica ||TheGachaGarden|| NEW!!!

Background: Yorkshire ||MP||

Style 277: Come To Know Me !

BodySuit: #LANA // The Victoria FATPACK ||TresChic|| NEW!!!

Brief:.::Supernatural::. Marie GACHA

Sock: [I<3F] - Myu Stockings [@Romp] NEW!!!

Earring: #187# Circles -|| Whimsical||  NEW!!!

Nails: Love [Mermaid Nails] FULL SET NEW!!!

Hair: Little Bones . Scope FATPACK

Skin: AG. Camila Skin - Catwa Applier 

Pose:WESTSIDE. Rise and Grind ||ULTRA|| NEW!!!

Style 276: You watch over me. Smiling down patiently ♥

20 Şubat 2018 Salı

Dress: * Vanilla Bae * Blossom Dress - 20 VB Colors FAT PACK 

 ||Whimsical|| NEW!!!

Harness: * Vanilla Bae * Blossom 'Roses & Unicorn Horn'

 Harness FAT PACK ||Whimsical|| NEW!!!

Jacket: ::C'est la vie !:: Chus JK Gacha NEW!!!

Shoe: :CULT: Desire Heels w.HUD ||Kustom9|| NEW!!!

Hair: {Limerence} Nika gacha ||The Gacha Garden|| NEW!!!

Skin: AG. Gabbie Skin - Catwa (Powder Pack - February) NEW!!!

Style 275: My Free Days ♥

Bra: N-Uno - Sofiya Bra Fatpack||Frou Frou|| NEW!!!

Bodysuit: N-Uno - Sofiya Bodysuit Fatpack ||Frou Frou|| NEW!!!

Short: +MB+ Jessie  LGBT NEW!!!

Sneakers: Momento . Shaker platform boots  ||Rewind || NEW!!!

Bag: ::C'est la vie !:: Immi Bag (light)   NEW!!!

HeadPhone: [Enchante'] - Cute Headphones 

Chokers: MICHAN - Phoebe  ||Rewind || NEW!!!

Hair: {Limerence} Aina hair-Fatpack ||Whimsical|| NEW!!!

Skin: AG. Gabbie Skin - Catwa (Powder Pack - Febru  ||MP|| NEW!!!

Pose: WESTSIDE. Stand Collection VOL1 ||MP|| NEW!!!

Background: Taikou / Momento You And I Backdrop RARE NEW!!!

Style 274: My Lovely Garden ♥

19 Şubat 2018 Pazartesi

Outfit: [YumZ]Paola* FATPACK ||Elite|| NEW!!!

Heels: ..::Paperdoll's::.. Winter leg warmers Fatpack NEW!!!

Hat: Belle Epoque Fabiola 

Hair: Exile Moments Fatpack

Arm Dog: ... SpotCat ... Pug dog - Anim The Hands #01 RARE

 ||On9 || NEW!!!


... SpotCat ... SpotCat ... - Stand #03  ||On9 || NEW!!!

[IK] Greenhouse Set - ||Whimsical|| NEW!!!


*Garden Tools



*Pots A/B/C

*Sacks A/B

*Seed Envelopes

*Seedbed A/B/C


*Tools Rack

*Trash Can


*Watering Can A/B