Style 582: Cute Apartment ♥

Chair:MudHoney Dana Patio Chair - Fatpack ||TheSeasonsStory|| NEW!

Sofa:MINIMAL - Cream Chester Sofa  ||Collabor88|| NEW!

Champagne :Junk Food - Champagne Bucket ||TheSeasonsStory|| NEW!

Laterns:Candy Crunchers - Aimee  ||TheSeasonsStory|| NEW!

Plant1:Candy Crunchers - Aimee Plant ||TheSeasonsStory|| NEW!

Plant 2:22769 - Hibiscus in Vase ||TheSeasonsStory|| NEW!

Tree:22769 - Banana Tree ||TheSeasonsStory|| NEW!

Hanger:Cubura Entrance Set  ||TheSeasonsStory|| NEW!

Buffet:Candy Crunchers - Aimee ||TheSeasonsStory|| NEW!

Chair next to Buffet: Cubura Entrance Set - Chair ||TheSeasonsStory|| NEW!

Table with Chairs:MINIMAL - Cream Chester Chair & Table  ||Collabor88|| NEW!

Foods:wear//andika [le printemps  ]Full set||TheSeasonsStory|| NEW!

Lamp:MINIMAL - Cute Apartment Lamp ||Collabor88|| NEW!

Carpet:MINIMAL - Chester Carpet  ||Collabor88|| NEW!

Pillows:Candy Crunchers - Aimee  ||TheSeasonsStory|| NEW!

Books:MINIMAL - Chester Books ||Collabor88|| NEW!

House:MINIMAL - Cute Apartment  ||Collabor88|| NEW!

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